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Hey people, we’re back for Update #2. Thanks again for all your support, we’re slowly but surely making our way to a better Reverie!

Production Update

In the meantime, production is always ongoing and we’re currently working on the remaining members of the main cast. This should be quite the milestone when we finish this month, following which we will get to start on the essentials for the Trial of Nightmare.

Our current plan is to focus on the assets for the Veronis arc which would allow us to start assembling the levels for that path and get an early alpha out asap to start the rigourous rounds of testing.

Reworked stretch goals

When our fans are happy, so are we (it’s made by fans for the fans after all :p) and therefore we’ve re-adjusted the stretch goals based on what the people wanted: PS4/Vita and WiiU ports instead of more content.

STRETCH-GOALSIt does mean a bigger spike in the stretch goals right off the bat as we’ll be relying on external contacts for optimization of the ports. We’ve also added a rough CAD/USD estimate as there’s a major discrepancy between the two that is not so obvious at a glance.

Producer’s Interview

And for those who missed it, our own Kovalen ‘Destructor’ Ramalingam did an in-depth interview with Siliconera prior to the Kickstarter, be sure to check it out for some JRPG goodness and the reason why we’re here today 🙂

See you people tomorrow!

-Team Sinxsoft

July 8, 2015
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