A dark indie JRPG-inspired title, Cross Reverie takes away from the genre’s greatest to provide a unique experience revolving around character development, tactical battles and replay value, all with an art style fueled by anime and video games alike.

Follow the story of Eight of the land of Xylera’s bravest combatants and their descent into the madness known only as The Trial of Nightmare.

Cross Reverie is currently in development and slated for a Windows PC release followed by other platforms and consoles. Subscribe to the Newsletter and stay up-to-date on development.



  • Stylized and colorful 3D visuals with a dark twist
  • Story revolving around eight characters with multiple replays and ending possibilities
  • Strategical turn-based battle system with combination attacks, elemental weakness, finishers and more
  • Different playstyles made possible through unique character abilities, weapon skills and stigma customizations
  • Top-down exploration of field maps and dungeons with visible enemies
  • Crafting system for weapons and accessories


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An island shrouded in myths and legends, Talesford is home to the mystical ancients and divne being, The Dreamer. Every 100 years, the Island is host to an old ritual, The Trial of the Ancients where exceptional contestants from each of Xylera's four nations are summoned to take part in trials that will test their mettle. Only those who prove themselves will gain the Dreamer's favor and have the one wish they desire, fulfilled.


Enter the Trial of Nightmare, where the price to play is your very existence...



But as they soon find out, this year's trial will turn out to be unlike any other. As the eight combatants lay their hopes and dreams on the line, their worse nightmare becomes reality as an entity, known only as The Shadow, takes over and changes the rules of the game...